Gear · 28. Juli 2019
How I got to love this Ukrainian Babushka.
Gear · 06. Juli 2019
I just stumbled upon an article again talking about the question which things changed one's photography the most, and I cannot help it but part of my answer would be gear. So this is the gear part of my answer. We always hear the same phrase everywhere that gear doesn't matter and doesn't make you a better photographer, but I strongly disagree. However, it's not about technical specs and features, it's about finding the tools that inspire you to use them. My first "real" camera was an old...
Gear · 03. Juli 2019
Check your broken ebay items twice...
Gear · 20. Juni 2019
My favorite budget film cameras over the years
02. Januar 2018
This is basically just a test to see how my new home compares to the old one. I had to move on from Squarespace, it was simply too expensive and payment without a credit card was a nightmare. So hello Jimdo, let's see how we two get along. I'm missing my old simple Squarespace design but it was just as quickly thrown together as this new one, I think it'll be okay. I hope I still can rescue my old blog posts somehow, otherwise I'll have to rewrite the whole stuff, no fun.